The Process: How O&M Tech Builds Your Marine Manual

The process of building your O&M Tech manual is simple, stream-lined and fast!

    • We start by providing a demonstration of the system to familiarize your staff with the standard features and functionality of the digital O&M system.
    • Next, we meet with your ship/fleet engineering staff to understand their needs and preferences in organization of the manual. Based on this we will adapt the format of the manual.
    • Upon approval of the format of the manual we go to work!
    • Our field staff then collects the information needed to compile the manual
      • A complete photographic survey is conducted from stem to stern at all deck levels
      • Equipment manufacturer’s manuals are collected
        • Where available, original electronic manuals are collected
        • When, only paper manuals are available they will be scanned and converted to searchable text.
      • Manufacturer’s training videos are acquired.
    • If training videos are to be filmed we work with the trainers to script and video the training
    • While the field staff is collecting materials our technical staff formats the O&M shell to prepare for loading of the content.
    • Documents collected by the field staff are optimized for quality, quick loading, searchability and file type.
    • The next step involves loading of the documents into the O&M shell and an extensive cross- linking process to create an integrated, compiled document set that can be easily and quickly navigated.
    • If QR code equipment tagging option is desired, QR tags are created and placed on the equipment.
    • The manual is subjected to internal “beta” testing and then turned over to the client for review.
      • Corrections and changes are made if needed.
    • Final Digital Ship Operations and Maintenance Manual is delivered and installed per your requirements on:
      • Company Network
      • Individual workstation(s)
      • Hosted cloud environment
      • IPad
      • Notebook
    • Ongoing manual updates, technical support per subscription agreement.